Automatic Hemp Oil Essential Oil Filling Machine

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The automatic filling and capping machine is a device designed for bottled liquids . It uses Peristaltic pump filling, positioning type cap feeder, capping, and magnetic moment capping. Using PLC, touch screen control, imported photoelectric detection, high precision, widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, health care products, pesticides and other industries. Made in full compliance with the new GMP requirements.

This is essential oil filling machine video

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Applied bottle


Filling speed

20-30bottles/min customized

Filling accuracy


Capping rate


Total power


Power supply

1ph .220v 50/60HZ

Machine size


Net weight



Machine configuration


Parts in contact with liquid


Electrical parts


Pneumatic part



1.The parts which contact liquid are SUS316L stainless steel and others are SUS304 stainless steel

2.Including feeder turntable,effective cost/space saving

3.It has intuitive and convenient operation, measuring accurate, positioning precision

4.Fully in accordance with the GMP standard production and passed CE certification

 5.No bottle no filling/plugging/capping

The Machine Details

Filling part

Adopt SUS316L Filling nozzles and food grade silicon pipe

high precision. Filling zone protected by interlock guards for safety registration. Nozzles can set to be above bottle mouth or bottom up, synchronizing with liquid level (beneath or above) to eliminate bubbling of foamy liquids.

essential oil filling (2)

Capping Part: Inserting inner cap-putting cap-screw the cap

essential oil filling (5)

Capping unscrambler: 

it's customized according to your caps and droppers. 

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