Automatic sticker labeler machine single side round bottle adhesive labeling machine

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Automatic bottle labeling machine for can bottles  is applicable to chemical paint pesticide cylinder, bottled water, cooking oil and other cylindrical objects. Rubber wheel divide bottle, equidistant spacing, labeling is more accurate. Wheel attached to the roll on bottles, make label attached more firmly.

This is automatic round bottle labeling machine video

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This labeling machine is equipped with computer touch -screen which layout very large scale integrated circuit .it is controlled by micro-computer with Chinese character touch screen, realized the man-machine communication .Micro-computer configuration is helpful for all data input by touch screen and also for all-round control the running condition once machine started.Applicable to sticker, non-drying film, electronic supervisioncode, barcode, two-dimensional code label, transparent label.

Main Technical Parameters

Label accuracy ±1mm error
Labeling speed 2000-3000 bottles per Hour
Label roll(inside) 76mm
Label roll(outside) 300mm
Voltage 220V/380V,50/60HZ,single/three phase
Power 1.2KW
Dimension 2000(L)x950(W)x 1260(H) mm
Weight 180kg


1. Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, have any label, no standard automatic correction and label automatic detection function, prevent leakage and labels to waste.

2. High stability, PLC and stepping motor and advanced electronic control system of electric eye, 7 x 24 hours support equipment operation.

3. Easy adjustment,labeling speed, transmission speed, bottle can realize stepless speed regulation, according to the need to adjust.

4. Main material is made of stainless steel equipment and advanced aluminum alloy manufacturing, comply with GMP requirement.

Product Details

Excellent labeling quality, adopting elastic pressure-coated belt, flat labeling, no wrinkles, and improve packaging quality;