Rinsing Machine

  • Automatic Ultrasonic Bottle Washing Machine

    Automatic Ultrasonic Bottle Washing Machine

    The automatic ultrasonic bottle washing machine solves the shortcomings of the brushing bottle washing machine, which is easy to shed hair, secondary pollution and broken bottles. The washing output is large, and no damage is guaranteed. The washing quality fully meets the requirements of GMP drug production management specifications. Cleaning equipment for the needle industry. Made of stainless steel: will not affect the quality of washing bottles due to corrosion and other reasons

  • Automatic Rotary Bottle Washing Machine

    Automatic Rotary Bottle Washing Machine

    This equipment is mainly used for the washing of glass bottles and polyester bottles before filling. It mainly includes the processes of bottle feeding, bottle grabbing, turning, washing, water control, turning reset, and bottle discharging. It runs fully automatically. It is suitable for various wineries, Beverage factories, seasoning factories and other manufacturers.

  • Drum Type Bottle Washing Machine

    Drum Type Bottle Washing Machine

    This machine is suitable for cleaning the inside and outside of 20-1000ml round bottles of various materials or special-shaped bottles with shoulder support. It is washed alternately by two water and one gas (tap water, ionized water, and oil-free compressed air). The bottle meets the requirements of the production process. , And the bottle can be blow-dried preliminarily. Ultrasonic device can be selected according to the production requirements. This machine is reasonable in design, easy to operate and maintain, and meets GMP requirements.