Injectable Vaccine Glass Vial Washing Filling Sealing Machine Filling Line

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  This machine is the main filling and sealing machine in liquid production line, in line with GMP requirements. It is made of high quality 304 stainless steel material, and the part of contacting liquid is made of 316 stainless steel. Suitable for filling, capping, capping (rolling/capping) of all kinds of bottled liquid. The machine combines filling and sealing into one. Advanced design, compact structure. The replacement is very convenient, and the combination with other equipment can achieve assembly line production.

    Mainly used for round, square or shaped bottle, such as glass or plastic filling tincture water, syrup, juice, wine, reagent, pesticide and other liquid, more suitable for the large capacity easy foaming liquid filling, can improve the efficiency, and has reasonable structure, reliable performance, wide adaptability, can be used in pharmaceutical, chemical, light industry and other industries.

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The vial filling production line is composed of ultrasonic bottle washing machine, dryer sterilizer, filling stoppering machine, and capping machine. It can complete spraying water, ultrasonic cleaning, flushing of inner and outer wall of bottle, preheating, drying and sterilization, heat source removing, cooling, bottle unscrambling, (nitrogen pre-filling), filling, (nitrogen post-filling), stopper unscrambling, stopper pressing, cap unscrambling, capping and other complex functions, realizing automatic production of the whole process. Each machine can be used separately, or in linkage line. The whole line is mainly used for filling of vial liquid injections and freeze-dried powder injections in pharmaceutical factories, it can also be applied to production of antibiotics, bio-pharmaceuticals, chemical pharmaceuticals, blood products etc.



Applicable specifications 2~30ml vial bottles
Filling heads 4 6 8 10 12 20 24
Production capacity 50-100bts/min 80-150bts/min 100-200bts/min 150-300bts/min 200-400bts/min 250-500bts/min 300-600bts/min
Stoppling qualification rate >=99%
Laminar air cleanliness 100 grade
Vacuum pumping speed 10m3/h 30m3/h 50m3/h 60m3/h 60m3/h 100m3/h 120m3/h
Power consumption 5kw
Power supply 220V/380V 50Hz



  1. Peristaltic pump or high precision peristaltic pump filling, filling speed is high and filling error is small.
    2. Groove cam device positions bottles precisely. Running is stable, change part is east to change.
    3. Button control panel is easy to operate and it has high automation degree.
    4. Falling bottle auto rejected in the turntable, no bottle, no filling; machine auto stops when no stopper; auto alarms when
    insufficient stopper.
    5. Equip with auto counting function.
    6. Certified, standard electric installation, safety guarantee on operation.
    7. Optional acrylic glass protection hood and 100-class laminar flow.
    8. Optional pre-filling and after-filling nitrogen filling.
    9. The whole machine is designed according to GMP requirements.

Working Process

The incoming dry vial (sterilized and siliconised) are fed through the unscrambler and suitably guided on the moving delrin slat conveyor belt at the required speed of the correct placement below filling unit. The filling unit consists of Filling Head, Syringes & Nozzles which are used for liquid filling. The syringes are made of S.S. 316 construction and both, glass as well as S.S. syringes can be used. A Star Wheel is provided which holds the vial during filling operation. A sensor is provided.

The Machine Details

1)This is filling pipes, it is high quality imported pipes.There are the valves on the pipe, it will suck liquid back after once filling. So filling nozzles will not leakage. 

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2) The multi roller structure of our peristaltic pump further improves the stability and non impact of filling and makes the liquid filling stable and not easy to blister. It is especially suitable for filling the liquid with high requirement.

3)This is aluminum Cap sealing head. It has three sealing roller. It will sealing Cap from four sides, so the sealed Cap is very tighten and beautiful. It will not damage Cap or leakage Cap.

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Company profile

Shanghai iPanda Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to the equipment R&D, manufacture and trade of various types of packaging machinery. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, manufacture, trade , and R&D. The company's equipment R&D and manufacture team has more than 10 years of experience in the industry, accepting unique requirements from customers and providing various types of automatic or semi-automatic assembly lines for filling. Products are widely used in daily chemicals, medicine, petrochemical, foodstuff, beverage and other fields. Our products has a market in Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia, etc. won the new and old customers alike.
The talent team of Panda Intelligent Machinery gathers product experts, sales experts and after-sales service staffs, and upholds the business philosophy of "Good quality , Good service, Good prestige". We will continue to improve our own business level, expand our business scope, and strive to meet the needs of customers.

公司介绍二平台可用 1
Q1: Are you factory or trading company?
A: We are factory.Q2: Can you guarantee your quality?
A: Of course. We are the manufacture factory. More importantly, we put a high value on our reputation. Best quality is our
principle all the time. You can be assured on our production completely.

Q3: What should I do if we are not able to operate the machine when we receive it?
A: Operation manual and video demonstration sent along with the machine to give instructions. Besides, we have professional
after-sale group to customer 's site to solve any problems.

Q4: How could I get the spares on machines?
A:We will send extra sets of easy broken spares and accessories like O ring etc. Non-artificial damaged spares will be sent freely
and shipping free during 1 year's warranty.

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