Cylinder piston pump ketchup tomato paste filling packing production line machine

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This Production  Includes A Filling Machine, A Capping Machine, And Label machine,Box Packing Machine;

The Machine Type, Number Of Machines, Speed, Capacity, Size, Etc. Of The Production Line Can Be Customized According To The Customer’S Production Needs; We Can Develop A Professional Integrated Filling And Packaging Production Line Plan For The Customer.

This Automatic Filling Line can be customized to fill various products,such as Honey, Soy Sauce, Peanut Oil, Blended Oil, Chili Sauce, Ketchup, Vinegar, Cooking Wine And So On.

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filling heads (5)
piston pump
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The machine adopts PLC control, according to the filling bottle, fixed discharging mouth, the rest all operation can be finished on a touch screen. In addition to have common automatic servo piston filling machine advantages, also the widened the range of filling material. Such as filling material contains particles, long strips of solid content, also can be a very effective filling. This machine adopts serve ball-screw system to drive the piston cylinder. It's widely used in Food, Chemical, Medical, Cosmetics, Agrochemical industry, applicable for filling liquid, especially for high viscosity material and foamy liquid, such as: Oil, Sauce, Ketchup, Honey, Shampoo, Lotion Lubricant oil, etc.

automatic liquid filling capping labeling machine


Number of filling  heads

4~20 head (depending on the designing)

Filling capacity

according to your requirment

Filling type

piston pump

Filling speed

500ml-500ml: ≤1200 bottles per hour 1000ml: ≤600 bottles per hour

Filling accuracy


Program control

PLC + touch screen

Main materials

304 stainless steel, 316 used in food industry

Air pressure


Conveyer belt Speed


Conveyer belt Distance away from the ground


servo motor

Panasonic Japan



Capacity of material tank

200L (with liquid level switch)

Protective device

Outage alarm on shortage of liquid in the reservoirtank

Power source

220/380V, 50/60HZ or customized


1600*1400*2300 (length*width*height)

Host weight

about 900kg

Machine configuration


SUS304 Stainless steel

Parts in contact with liquid

SUS316L Stainless steel

Electrical parts


Pneumatic part



1. The flow control devices of each filling head are independent of each other, precision adjustment is very convenient.

2. The material of the machine material contact part can use the food grade material according to the products feature, in line with the GMP standard.

3. With regular filling, no bottle no filling, filling quantity/production counting function etc features.

4. Convenient maintenance,no need any special tools.

5. Using drip tight filling head,no leaking.


Food (olive oil, sesame paste, sauce, tomato paste, chili sauce,butter,honey etc.) Beverage( juice, concentrated juice). Cosmetics (cream, lotion,shampoo, shower gel etc) Daily chemical (dishwashing, toothpaste, shoe polish, moisturizer, lipstick, etc.), chemical (glass adhesive, sealant, white latex, etc.), lubricants, and plaster pastes for special industries The equipment is ideal for filling high-viscosity liquids, pastes, thick sauces, and liquids. we customize machine for different size and shape of bottles.both glass and plastic are OK.

sauce filling3


1. Adopts world-famous brands of electrical and pneumatic components, low failure rate, reliable performance, long service life.

2. Material contact parts are made of stainless steel, easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to clean and meet the requirements of GMP.

3. Easy to adjust filling volume and filling speed, operated and displayed by touch screen, beautiful appearance.

4. With no bottle no filling function, liquid level automatic control feeding.

5. Piston Seals with Tetrafluorine Technology improve the wear resistance of the piston seals (service life is 12 months or more) and have a good applicability to materials.

6. No need to change parts, you can quickly adjust the various specifications of the shape of the bottle.

7. The filling head is equipped with a special leak-proof device. No wire drawing or drip leakage.

The Machine Details

Adopt SS304 or SUS316L filling nozzles

Filling mouth adopts pneumatic drip-proof device, filling no wire drawing, no dripping;

filling 2
piston pump

Adopts piston pump filling, high precision; The structure of pump adopts fast disassembly institutions, easy  to clean  and disinfect.

 Adopt Touch screen and PLC Control

Easy adjusted filling speed/volume

no bottle and no filling function

level control and feeding.


Filling head adopts rotary valve piston pump with the function of anti-draw and anti-dropping.

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