Automatic pocket perfume filling and capping machine

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This machine is suitable for small dose liquid packaging production line in cosmetics,daily chemical and pharmaceutical industries etc, Can automaticlly complete filling, plug, screw cap,rolling cap, capping, bottling and other process.The whole machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel and the same grade aluminum alloy treated by positive grade, never rust, accord with GMP standard.

This is automatic perfume filling and capping machine video,our machine is customized according to your requirements



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This machine is auto negative pressure vacuum filling, auto bottle detecting( no bottle no filling )

Auto dropping of crimp pump cap, circulation of spray bottles’ die set, It is wide adaptability which can meet to requirements of different dimension and filling volume of containers.

This filling machine can be divided into automatic bottles feeding (Also can use choose manual load bottle)automatic filling, automatic pump cap capping head, pre-capping head for regulate and tighten up pump cap head and automatic capping etc.


Applied Bottle 5-200ml customized
Productive Capacity 30-100pcs/min
Filling Precision 0-1%
Qualified stoppering ≥99%
Qualified cap putting ≥99%
Qualified capping ≥99%
Power Supply 380V,50Hz/220V,50Hz (customized)
Power 2.5KW
Net Weight 600KG
Dimension 2100(L)*1200(W)*1850(H)mm 


1)Touch screen and PLC control system,easy to operate and control.

2)Peristaltic pump filling, accurate metering, no leakage of liquid.

3)No bottle, no filling / no plugging / no capping.

4)Robotic arm capping system, stable and high speed, low failure rate, prevent bottle cap damage.

5)Production speed can be adjusted.

6)Wide range of use, can be used to replace the mold for different bottles filling.

7)The main electrical components of this machine are all used by famous foreign brands.

8)The machine is made of 304 stainless steel material, easy to clean, and the machine meets the requirements of GMP.


The Machine Details

Rotary table, No bottle no filling, No cap auto stop, easy for trouble shooting, No air machine alarm, Multiple parameters setting for different caps.

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Filling system: lt can achieve automatic stopping when bottles are full, and automatic starting when bottles are lacked on the belt conveyor.

Filling head: Our filling head have 2 jackets  You can see the filling split connect with 2 pipes.The outside jacket connect with vacuum suction air pipe.The inner jacket connect with filling perfume material pipe.

Capping station

Capping head all will customize according to customer different cap.

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Adopt Cap Unscrambler, it's customized according to your caps and inner plugs

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