Automatic 6 head 8 head 12 head liquid pet vinegar filling machine with ce approve

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 1. This machine is mainly used for wine and sauce filling operation. This machine is combined of rinsing, filling capping; The whole procedure is full automatic, and suitable for glass bottle and aluminum steel-proof caps for filling vodka, wine, sauce and etc.

2. The applicable bottle type can be adjusted freely and conveniently and easily operation.
3. The filling type is adopted new type negative pressure filling, making the filling quickly and steadily. That’s why the machine has more capacity and benefit compared other machine with same specification.4. This machine is adopted advanced programmable controller PLC, and make the machine runing automatically, and bottle input conveyor adopts transducer with speed adjustable, and bottle output conveyor adopts speed adjustable motor. Cooperation with transducer of main machine makes the bottle running smoothly and reliably.5. It is convenient to operate with high automation because of every part of machine is inspected to run by photoelectric detector. The machine is idea-preferred equipment for beverage makers.

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This is our automatic soy sauce filling machine,adopt volumetric piston pump execution of high precision for content filling, and long service life, high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant, the machine set machine, electricity, gas integration, suitable for chili sauce, spicy sauce, beef sauce, mushroom sauce, seafood sauce, garlic sauce etc., the different viscosity materials with bottle-washing filling, tunnel sterilization oven, capping machines, labeling machines etc equipment composition production lines, conforming to GMP requirements.


1. The rotating filling parts are all made of stainless steel 304.

2. Filling method is piston filling,The filling valve is manufactured in 304.High-precision, high-speed filling, weighing of imported scales, liquid level accuracy ≤ ± 3g.

3. The filling machine power is transmitted by the gear train in the rack through the gears.

4. Capping machine is used for special gland head, simple structure, stable and reliable gland effect, and the defective rate of capping is ≤0.3%.High-efficiency centrifugal cover method, the cover wear is small. the capping device is provided with a cap detection mechanism for controlling the opening and closing of the cap hoist.

5. Nylon wheel and conveyor chain work synergistically. there is a card bottle protection device. out of the bottle conveyor chain, the transmission motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which keeps pace with the 2-in-1 filling machine, which can effectively prevent the bottle from falling over.

6. PLC automatically completes the whole process control of the 2-in-1 filling machine from bottle to bottle, touch screen operation, production speed, shift output count, fault category, fault occurrence point, etc. are displayed on the screen. And can automatically count the time of failure, fault category and other information.

7. The main electrical components are all world famous brand products to ensure the excellent performance of the whole machine. 

Product Details

Filling Parts:

gravity filling with holding bottle neck; the special back flow type of the filling valve can avoid leakage after filling and also control liquid level accurately.

soy sauce filling (1)
soy sauce filling (2)

Capping Parts:

magnetic torque bottle holding type can minimize the cap damage rate and make the capping performance the best.


Washing No 8 12 18 24 32 40 50
Filling No 8 12 18 24 32 40 50
Capping No 3 6 6 8 10 12 12
Capacity(500ml)BPH 2000 4000 7000-8000 10000-12000 12000-15000 15000-18000 20000-25000
Power(KW) 2 3.5 4 4.8 7.6 8.3 9.5
User Ambient Conditions Temperature:10~40ºC;Humidity:No dew
User Electrical Supply Specification Voltage:220V,380V,3phase;Frequency:50HZ/60HZ or your requirement
Polyester bottle standard(mm) bottle diameter φ50-110 ; bottle height 150-340mm
Suitable cap shape Plastic screw cap


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