Monday morning, February 21

①National Health and Medical Commission: will start to deploy and increase the implementation in sequence.

② The Chinese team ranked third in the Beijing Winter Olympics medal table, setting a record for the best results.

③ Guangxi: Support the development of Baise’s secondary aluminum industry chain.

④The income of Chinese coal enterprises has reached a record high: more than 7,000 times last year, the previous year.

⑤ The U.S. Department of Motor Transportation announced the launch of the national electric infrastructure.

⑥Singapore explores the implementation of new taxes to ensure that the tax paid by foreign companies reaches 15%.

⑦The United States adopts the final anti-dumping ruling on China’s mobile elevating operation platform.

⑧ The actual shipping date of CMA CGM’s ocean freight will take effect from April 1.

⑨ European car parked beer. ⑩The European Union announced that it will invest 150 billion euros in Africa.

Post time: Feb-21-2022