Ketchup Bottle Filler

A ketchup bottle filler or ketchup filling machine is used to package a wide variety of liquid products, such as ketchup, sauces, oil, milk, etc. This machine guarantees accurate filling by using a servo motor. Modern electrical and pneumatic compon ents, as Well as well-known sensors and seals, go into the making of this bottle filling machine. Parts of the device that contact the product are made of 316 stainless steel, making it ready for use immediately upon installation.

Ipanda Ketchup Bottle Filler

Ketchup filling machines are available in various capacities to accommodate any company’s bottle-filling needs. The servo motor controls the liquid flow in the rotary lobe pump filling device. The CIP system found on most of these filling machines makes them suitable for usage in the food manufacturing sector. In addition to ketchup bottle filler, a comprehensive selection of capping and labeling machines are also available. Choose the ideal bottle for your needs by considering its size and the form of bottle caps.

The filling machines used for condiments like ketchup and tomato sauce are well-organized, compact, and accurate. There is a 316L stainless steel build to the apparatus. It is also based on a piston system. Its efficiency and speed make it an excellent choice for any business producing tomato-based products like sauces.

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Sauce Bottle Filler Working Principle

The filling machine for sauce bottles has a horizontal mixing hopper to prevent the hardening of the liquid and guarantee precise filling for every bottle. The filling head of the filling machine is positioned closer to the bottom hopper than conventional filling methods need. compensating for the problem of filling materials rarely. This machine also allows for modifying filling heads to meet individual customer requirements. After filling with liquid, containers are ready for the capping and sealing machinery.

The capping and sealing equipment provides an airtight closure and prevents sauce contamination. Products move throughout the filling and packing operations by an efficient system of conveyors. After that, unique labels are used to further the branding and marketing. Because of the stringent re requirements placed on Filling Ketchup in Terms of Concentration, Leakage, And Cleanliness, Smart and Information Technology Put and Productivity May Be Achieved USING FAST, Precise Filling and Packaging Machnes Equipped with Modern Communication Features.

 The different types of ketchup filling machines

Tomato Paste Filling Machine

Tomato pastes are ideal for dipping and spreading because of their high viscosity and thick texture. To accurately measure and distribute viscous tomato paste, rotary pumps often apply in filling machines.

Tomato Sauce Filling Machine

Tomato sauces are more substantial than pourable liquids but may still be poured with little difficulty. Piston filling machines often fill them. Filling sauce into bottles is the job of piston fillers, which use a piston and cylinder system to pull the liquid into the cylinder. The ketchup filling machine is so sophisticated that it has surpassed comparable products. Filling common chemicals, oil, sauce, detergent, cosmetic, medicinal, combustible, and hazardous materials is also possible.

For operational convenience, the ketchup filling machine uses a PLC and touchscreen control panel. The ketchup filling machine has precise measurement, a sophisticated construction, smooth operation, low noise, a wide range of adjustments, and a rapid filling rate. Metering for each filling head may be customized by the operator using the touchscreen control panel. This tomato sauce filling machine’s exterior is built from high-quality stainless steel. GMP standard for presentation.

 Ketchup Bottle Filler Features

Reliable Product Measuring

Accurate filling to a set volume or weight is possible with the machine’s accurate measuring tools. This guarantees that each and every product is filled with precision and uniformity.

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Adaptability to different viscosities

Conventional gravity fillers might struggle with the high viscosity of ketchup, making it difficult to regulate the flow. Because of their construction, they are able to efficiently handle higher-viscosity liquids and guarantee accurate filling volumes.

Conforms Hygienic Requirements

This equipment is built with sanitation in mind, with features that make it simple to clean and adhere to food safety standards. They are simple to disassemble and clean, which aids in avoiding infection and keeping products secure.

Fast Manufacturing

The fast and consistent filling processes of this ketchup filler machine make it ideal for use in high-volume or fast-paced assembly lines. Their ability to fill quickly is suitable for mass-producing sauces.


As a result of the ketchup filling system’s versatility, it may pack not just ketchup but also a wide range of other consumable and non-consumable liquids.

Post time: Nov-08-2023