8.3 Report

① The Ministry of Commerce established an expert committee to promote the high-quality development of trade.
② Central Bank: Expand the digital RMB pilot in an orderly manner.
③ In July 2022, China’s logistics industry prosperity index was 48.6%.
④ The demand for smart home products in Russia has grown significantly within six months.
⑤ The Ministry of Trade of Myanmar notifies importers to restrict the purchase of US dollars at the specified reference exchange rate.
⑥ Malaysia will levy sales tax on imported low-priced e-commerce products.
⑦ The ASEAN manufacturing industry expanded for the 10th consecutive month, and Singapore’s July PMI hit the highest in regional history.
⑧ The President of Algeria announced that he may join the BRICS countries.
⑨ Indonesia’s July inflation rate hit a seven-year high, and South Korea’s July inflation rate hit a 24-year high.
⑩ Port of Long Beach: Container detention charges are suspended until August 26.

Post time: Aug-03-2022