6.20 Report

① Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: my country’s automobile production has returned to normal.
② Civil Aviation Administration: Shanghai Pudong Airport’s cargo schedule and volume have recovered to 90% of the pre-epidemic level.
③ Expert: China’s industrial software development has ushered in a policy window period.
④ The “Maritime Express Line” between Qingdao, China and Japan restarted after seven years.
⑤ The Bank of Japan chose to continue easing: maintaining the 10-year bond yield target of 0% unchanged.
⑥ $19 million! Last Buffett lunch for charity auction hits record high
⑦ Restart after 9 years of stagnation, India and the EU will start FTA negotiations this month.
⑧ A large-scale demonstration broke out in London, England to protest the soaring cost of living.
⑨ Russia will gradually reject the use of single-use plastic packaging and products from 2025.
⑩ The 12th WTO Ministerial Conference came to an end, and breakthroughs were made in several key issues.

Post time: Jun-20-2022