6.15 Report

① The Ministry of Ecology and Environment and other 17 departments jointly issued the “National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy 2035″.
② Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Launch and implement the carbon peaking action in the industrial field and vigorously promote green manufacturing.
③ Chinese Embassy in Ukraine: Chinese citizens who have not been registered in Ukraine are requested to file as soon as possible.
④ China and Singapore signed two memorandums of cooperation to strengthen cooperation in green and digital economy.
⑤ CMA CGM strengthens container routes between China and Latin America.
⑥ From 2019 to 2021, Mexico’s trade with China will grow by more than 22%.
⑦ Suez Canal and Panama Canal Economic Directors signed a joint cooperation agreement.
⑧ Major shipping companies have successively released quarterly reports, and the global shipping industry continues to be hot.
⑨ In May, the price of electronic products in Italy increased first online.
⑩ The United States re-imported 86 tons of milk powder for emergency relief, and the US media criticized the government’s lack of supervision.

Post time: Jun-15-2022