5.13 Report

① The Intellectual Property Office issued a report: Cross-border intellectual property protection urgently needs to establish rules and regulations.
② Ministry of Commerce: will further promote the China-Japan-Korea Free Trade Agreement negotiations.
③ Brazil announced to reduce or exempt import tariffs on 11 products.
④ Australia initiated an anti-dumping new exporter review investigation against Chinese wind power towers.
⑤ 2021 Global Freight Forwarding Analysis Report: The growth of the air freight market is twice that of the sea freight.
⑥ UK Statistics Office: Exports to the EU will decline by 20 billion pounds in 2021.
⑦ PricewaterhouseCoopers expects South Africa’s real GDP growth rate to be 2% in 2022.
⑧ The Thailand Revenue Department plans to increase the tax on multinational electronic service providers.
⑨ The Environment Committee of the European Parliament voted to ban the sale of fuel vehicles in the EU in 2035.
⑩ The European Union will cancel the mandatory requirement of masks for European airports and flights.

Post time: May-13-2022