8.4 Report

① Five departments: strengthen the planning and construction of port and waterway, and standardize and strengthen the guarantee of resource elements.
② Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: will study and formulate the “Administrative Measures for the Recycling and Utilization of New Energy Vehicle Power Batteries”.
③ Starting from this month, Yantian Port will increase the reservation quota for export heavy containers.
④ Brazil continues to impose anti-dumping duties on Chinese seamless non-alloy carbon steel pipes.
⑤ The monthly revenue of the Suez Canal hit a record high in July.
⑥ The Russian Air Transport Agency has extended the temporary restriction order to 11 airports in central Russia until August 11.
⑦ Brazil’s per capita beef consumption fell to a 26-year low.
⑧ Global electric vehicle sales hit a new high in June.
⑨ The report shows that logistics costs in the United States have soared to a ten-year high.
⑩ The International Energy Agency said that global coal demand will recover to the highest level in history this year.

Post time: Aug-04-2022