8.2 Report

① State Administration of Taxation: For enterprises that maliciously fraudulently obtain tax refunds, the tax credit will be directly reduced to Class D.
② From September 1, my country has granted zero-tariff treatment to 98% of tax items from 16 countries including Togo.
③ The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other three departments jointly issued the Implementation Plan for Carbon Peaking in the Industrial Sector.
④ Mexico made the second anti-dumping sunset review final ruling against China Seamless Steel Tube.
⑤ The new SDR currency basket came into effect, and the weight of RMB rose to 12.28%.
⑥ FMC of the United States accelerated the implementation of the “Marine Transportation Reform Plan”.
⑦ Italy: July consumer confidence index was the lowest in nearly two years.
⑧ The EU countries officially began to implement the natural gas reduction agreement to prepare for the cutoff of Gazprom gas supply.
⑨ The Myanmar National Management Committee decided to extend the state of emergency for another six months.
⑩ Japanese media: The trend of global interest rate hikes may trigger a wave of corporate bankruptcies.

Post time: Aug-02-2022